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The current policy on BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER was approved by the Howard University Board of Trustees in May 2011. The designated officer authorized to make operational adjustments is Tashni-Ann Dubroy, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.


It is the general policy that Howard University is always open for business, and employees are always expected to report to work. In the event of extreme weather conditions, the President or his Designee will make a decision regarding the status of the University. Unless designated by the President, no other University official has the authority to determine the status of the University. Once a decision has been made, the Office of University Communications will contact both the Media and internal communication personnel to ensure that changes are communicated quickly and efficiently.

This policy has been developed to ensure appropriate and continuous 24-hour operation of Howard University under extreme weather conditions while ensuring the service delivery and safety of students and staff.

This policy is applicable to all faculty, staff and students of Howard University. This does not apply to Howard University Hospital employees, and faculty and staff associated with clinical services, for which separate guidelines pertain.

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