Howard University Plans

Emergency Management Plan

The Emergency Management Plan, also known as the HU EMP, is a campus-wide plan that provides the basic framework and outlines how any emergency would be managed on the Howard University campus. It describes the roles, responsibilities, and procedures for departments, units, students, faculty, and staff during any incident.

This EMP is an “All-Hazards Approach” plan which provides broad guidelines for emergency management with specific emergency management functions. The basic emergency management procedures given here are designed to protect lives and property through an effective use of campus and community resources. Since an incident may happen suddenly and without warning, the procedures in the HU EMP are designed to be flexible to accommodate contingencies of various types and magnitudes. 


Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

 Howard University must ensure its operations are performed efficiently with minimal disruption through a wide range of emergencies. The Continuity of Operations Planning Program ensures that the organization is capable of conducting its essential mission and functions under all threats and conditions.

Howard University Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management Plan